Michael Wayne

Michael Wayne with the original Winchester 
from Stagecoach, 1939

“I view him as my father and a major movie star. But he touched so many families. They grew up with him – in the theaters, in their homes. And he was loved and respected for what he stood for, which was honesty, courage and patriotism. He was able to project those values because he had them inside him. What I would like to see is John Wayne remembered for being a man with values, strong beliefs and a great love for his country.”
Michael Wayne

Interview with Marie Moneysmith, 
Franklin Mint Almanac, 1995

One of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, John Wayne left an indelible mark on both filmmaking and American culture during a career lasting 50 years.

The Wayne Collection is a dedicated space located on the second floor within the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where students and the public can view an extensive collection of film memorabilia from the life and work of this major motion picture star, fondly known as “Duke.” The Wayne Collection would not be possible without John Wayne’s eldest son, Michael Wayne, who diligently gathered and preserved these valuable pieces of film history. Michael was his father’s go-to man. He ran John Wayne’s production company, produced his films, handled his business affairs, protected his image and finally, was his father’s executor. Probably no one person was as close to John Wayne as Michael. As a way to honor her late husband’s efforts, Gretchen Wayne and her children decided to make his vast collection available on a rotating basis in The Wayne Collection.

Visitors are welcome to relax and enjoy original posters, costumes, film clips, photos and other pieces that make up part of the legacy of John Wayne, an actor, director, producer, father, grandfather and patriot who came to represent the classic American hero.